I am a computer science engineer with a background in Data Sciences, Full Stack Web Development & Entrepreneurship. Currently, I am running Binks, a Y-Combinator-backed startup based out of Bangalore, India. I got interested in computers when I first saw the window’s file copying animation at a cyber cafe. Although I wrote my first web app at the age of 14 to help my family’s business (ASP+html+css+MS Access), I made my first dollar at the age of 12 assembling computer hardware and burning CDs.

In my previous role, I had worked at Simpl, India’s largest buy now pay later (BNPL) product as their first data scientist (founding member) and led the Analytics horizontal along with the Fraud mitigation vertical.

I am good at representing business problems as arithmetic functions to identify the key levers and help better decision-making. I am also deeply interested in products and plan on posting my insights about human psychology every now and then here.